Pass production system controls and monitors arrivals of an organisation’s contractors

High Court Glasgow criminal HMP Glenochil Visitor Management security Access Control Scotland deny site employees pass production monitors contractors WindowsTM style softwareA man who lived in a £2 million home in Bridge of Allan, Stirlingshire has gone on the run. Michael Voudouri was last week due to appear in the dock at the High Court in Glasgow but his whereabouts are unknown. He was involved in the case centring on the ‘proceeds of criminal conduct’ of Glasgow-based Q-Tech Distribution Ltd. Voudouri also admitted a separate charge of hiding £1.2m of dirty cash while in custody at HMP Glenochil.

Access Control Systems, Visitor Management Systems (VMS) and other security solutions are available from Access Control Scotland. Our systems easily and accurately allow and deny access to specific areas of your site and perform equally well with both small and large numbers of employees. VMS uses the latest PC technology and is simple to use. This pass production system controls, records and monitors the arrivals and departures of an organisation’s visitors and contractors. It is very user friendly, with Windows style software.