Audit trail shows who was granted or denied access at any site location

Scottish officers chief constable police Access Control Scotland security system site employees individual profile customised granted deniedKeeping the Scottish Government’s promise of 1,000 extra officers nationwide will be an extremely difficult task, says the chief constable of the single police service. Stephen House remarked: “The public wants to be able to see officers, it adds to their sense of well being, so I am always keen to maximise the numbers.” However, he added to the Scotsman: “Whether we can do that [keep up the number of extra officers] is unlikely, even with voluntary redundancy for support staff.”

All access control software supplied by Access Control Scotland is packed with features allowing you to successfully implement and maintain a state of the art security system for your site. Standard features include Access Control Profiles – here employees have an individual profile, customised to suit your particular site, which can be varied minute-by-minute. Audit Trail reports are generated showing who was granted or denied access at any location at any time. Additional features are available; click here to learn more.