Access Control Software

The access control software for all of the Access systems has a familiar Windows™ interface, providing quick and easy access to information. You can create a wide range of daily access patterns, which can run past midnight, enabling you to restrict certain areas of your site using time constraints.

All employees have their own profile entered into the access control software. When an attempt is made to pass through an access point, the scanner will compare that employee's security profile with the access point's profile, which is based upon the day and time of day of the attempted access.

The door will then be released if the employee has access rights. A log is generated, regardless of whether an access attempt was successful or not, allowing you to see who has been going where on your site.

Access Control Software - Access Control ScotlandA range of equipment, devices and releases can be connected to your security network, which can be operated through your access control software including:

  • alarms and hooters
  • break glass buttons
  • door locks
  • door release buttons
  • electro-mangnetic door locks
  • fingerprint readers
  • scanners

The software can configure doors to open automatically on fire alarms and lock automatically on burglar alarms.

All access control software supplied by Access Control UK is packed with features allowing you to successfully implement and maintain a state of the art security system for your site.

Standard features include:

  • Access Control Profiles - Employees have an individual profile, customised to suit your particular site, which can be varied minute-by-minute.
  • Audit Trail - Reports are generated showing who was granted or denied access at any location at any time.
  • Door / Barrier Access - Access can be limited depending on that person's roll call status.
  • Anti Pass Back - Each smart card can only be used by a single Employee.
  • Real Time Display - Doors being opened / closed, alarm status, and forced entries can be displayed on a near real time graphical display.
  • Sensor Monitoring - Alarms are triggered automatically if a forced entry is detected.

Additional features are available for the Access Enterprise and WinTA Access Enterprise software packages, which can be implemented on your access control system to take into account diversity with access rules between individual organisations.